Friday, July 31, 2009

This Morning's Thoughts

1. Spin class is not happening today. Nor is swimming or running. I ran 6.75 yesterday; I'm not beating myself up too much over a rest day today. Realizing that I have no clue how to train for much of anything, and am probably doing everything wrong. When I read advice columns about "what I should be doing" in preparation for various races, I am usually doing not what's suggested. Let's hope I can still walk when I'm 80.

2. Definitely a 2-cup-of-coffee morning.

3. Where's Chloe the cat? Can't find her.

4. Watched Real Housewives of Atlanta last night for the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed the fight between Sheree' and her party planner; was that staged or genuine? Also enjoyed the occasional glimpses of interstate and skyline that looked familiar, like, "oh! Look! It's Northside Drive, where I always get confused getting back on 75 North!" or "this was obviously not filmed M-F from 6:30-9:30 am or 3:00-6:30 p.m.; cars seem to be moving." Where exactly do they live? I heard Buford?

5. Started a new blog designed to help educators of and other people interested in mass communication and gender/communication, inspired by my friend Jennie and her relationships blog, and my friend Anna and her relationships blog. I'm not sharing the address yet. I'm in the test phases, and not sure I like what I'm posting. As soon as I get the hang of it, and some insightful postings, I'll share. It's going to take a lot more energy than this one, as I hope to include, like, citations and theory and such. But, it could be helpful for a lot of people, including myself as I wade through really tough media/pop culture issues. Kind of a way to get academic research "out there" and share with people who don't really know much about academic research.

6. Eventually, the networks are going to run out of metropolitan areas to film/stage shows like Real Housewives, CSI, and Grey's Anatomy. Watch out, friends who live in remote, rural areas: "Real Housewives of Cairo Holler." "CSI: Opelika," and "Decatur General ER" are coming to a television near you. I feel it.

7. Less than two months till I defend my dissertation. 34 days till football season. 23 days till the triathlon. 12 days till I start my new job as an assistant professor.

8. 34 days till football season. :)

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