Wednesday, July 8, 2009

An Open Letter to the Fashion Industry

Dear Fashion Industry,

Please stop putting elastic in random, unflattering places in tops and dresses. Letting the clothing hang at a natural waistline has worked really well for a long time. If I want something cinched, I'll put a belt on it. I'm sure the elastic-at-the-bottom-of-the-tank top gives (the probably malnourished, definitely skinnier and taller than most normal human beings) models at your runway shows much needed definition to an otherwise scrawny, scary looking, and just plain unattractive, unnatural and unwomanly frame. But, this look just doesn't translate to anyone who has any sort of figure other than that. On behalf of everyone who doesn't look like a model, I implore you: stop with the random elastic.

And if you continue to put elastic in random places in clothing, would you please just save those items for overpriced boutiques and runway shows? For the love of God, don't send your leftovers to TJ Maxx and don't let the clothing buyers for Old Navy and Target get the crazy idea that just because you say it's in style, that it is. You are ruining my ability to find decent and affordable clothing.

Making it work,


Raychl said...

Cosigned, Me

Jessy said...

Let me get a stamp for you.

About Me: Renee Human said...

I've given up shopping at Target for this long-torso, bad-elastic reason. And why, oh why, do they not carry petites?!
Baby-birthing hips and improperly-placed elastic - two tastes that do not taste good together.