Sunday, July 26, 2009

Anniversary Dinner

So many signs led me to conclude that Chicken Tetrazzini should be our anniversary meal.

First, there was this clip that we saw on The Soup a while back. If you are a regular watcher, then you know that's not the only time "chicken tetrazzini" has come up this year.

Then, there was all this chatter this week on my Facebook wall, via sorority sister Critta, about her husband calling Giada DeLaurentiis "Godda Delaurious," and his claiming to have made her chicken tetrazzini recipe for dinner, when instead it was something store-bought. Hilarious. And ironic, since I make Giada's chicken tet recipe for special occasions, like anniversaries.

Then, there was an email I sent to Dave asking if he preferred steak or chicken tet for anniversary dinner. He immediately requested chicken tetrazzini. The first time I made it, I think he fell in love with me all over again. I'm not sure if it's the peas, the mushrooms, or the creamy sauce that did him in. Whatever it was, it worked, and I love the dish too.

Right before the wedding, I purchased a bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne. I fully intended for us to drink it on the Sunday afternoon/night following our wedding, as a little "yay we're married!" treat to ourselves, and a way to relax at home before flying off on our honeymoon. I splurged for the good stuff (as opposed to the $4 Brut I generally purchase when I need to get champagne) because it was what was served at the infamous Bubble-Q we attended in Miami two years ago, where I met all my favorite Food Network stars. We haven't had any since! I thought it would be special. I'd be hailed as a great wife, on day 2 of the marriage even! However, on the day after our wedding, I was (a) still really full from the impromptu brunch we had at Marlowe's Tavern with some of our favorite wedding guests (where I believe Loren made me eat scrambled eggs, something I just don't do, but was glad I did that time because they were quite tasty and Lord knows I needed some protein), (b) still slightly hungover from the night before, (c) enjoying spending time with Anne at our pool until she had to fly away, (d) busy packing for 10 days in Hawaii (e) busy washing clothes, including my wedding dress that got beer spilled all over it, which was awesome - both the funny story resulting from the beer spillage and the fact that I could just throw my wedding dress in the washing machine, and (f) more tired than I'd ever been in my life. I sent Dave out for Firehouse Subs for dinner. I had lost my voice from talking so much over the weekend. And I just laid on the couch for a few hours, staring at the tv. When I lay still on the couch for more than 2 hours, and I'm not watching a movie, it's a good indication that I'm either sick, or completely worn out. Given the circumstances, we figured the champagne would wait until we got back. I figured there was no better excuse to drink it than the four-year anniversary of our first date.

What was our first date, you ask? Dave picked me up at Christy's house (then in Peachtree City). We went to Fernbank's martini's and IMAX event, that still is held each Friday night during the summers. Dave learned that the best way to my heart was to give me a snack, a good drink, and a natural history museum. And a good dinner. We went to Dante's, a Buckhead landmark that I highly recommend to anyone who hasn't been there yet. If I had the chance to pick a last meal, it'd be eaten at Dante's. They're that good. Plan on at least 2 hours of gorging. I'd never had fondue before, but it was divine, especially at Dante's. Melting Pot what? I won't go anymore. It's not Dante's.

So, tonight, four years later, we ate chicken tet out on *our* back porch, watching Chloe chase leaves, drinking tasty champagne, and talking about what we thought life would be like in 4 years. Neither of us could really foresee much of anything different. Just more of Team Dawmilam being awesome.


Carol Bruess and Anna Kudak said...

Team Dawmilam IS awesome. Happy anniversary to one of my favorite couples.

Grace said...

i seriously have tears in my eyes. how fun! the chicken and the champagne. yeah for you and dave. i heartily celebrate with you both!