Sunday, January 17, 2010

Words with Friends

As I type, I am playing 8 different games of "Scrabble" with: my husband (in the next room), a favorite cousin (in Athens), 2 friends from UNA (a former communication major who now lives in Texas, I think? and a former fellow LaGrange Society member/Lafayette Hall resident who now lives in New York), 1 person from Arkansas who currently lives in Kentucky and 1 person from Kentucky who currently lives in Arkansas, a former student (who I advised in UPC and taught in Public Speaking, and who used to make me and the other students laugh so hard that it was difficult to get through class), and a pilot I met at Auburn who taught me how to hug.

Just sayin'. Not only do I have awesome friends all over the place and really funny stories for all of them, but I love playing Scrabble. So, if you don't have the "Words with Friends" app on your iPod/iPhone/iTouch yet, for the love of Scrabble please download it, and start a game with me, LBDelicious.

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Grace said...

ha ha, i love how into "words with friends" you are!! yippee. glad my silly recommendation could bring connection and enjoyment to your life.