Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Good Salad

I really, really wanted to take a picture of dinner last night to share with y'all. But, I was just so tired, and so hungry, and it just didn't happen. I sat down and dug in. To compensate, here's a picture of a kitten.

Because this sounds like more fun than finishing my NCA submission, here is the recipe for what Dave called "one of the best salads [he'd] ever eaten." It's got a long title. Ready?

Apple, Walnut & Bacon Salad with Warm Bacon Dijon Honey Vinaigrette, served with a Whole Wheat Baguette and Homemade Honey Butter

For the salad:
First: make bacon! I prepared about 4 slices, and make sure to save the bacon grease.
In the meantime, prepare the other ingredients as follows:
Take some greens (darker the better - I used a bag of spring greens and some spinach), rinse them, place in bowls.
Top with the following:
diced apple
some toasted walnuts
gorgonzola cheese
bacon (whenever it's finished)

For the dressing:
Whisk together about a tablespoon of the reserved bacon drippings, and about a half tablespoon of each: red wine vinegar, dijon mustard, honey. Salt and pepper to season. Taste, and add more: honey (if you want it sweeter), vinegar (if you want it tangier) or dijon (if you want it spicier). If needed, add either more bacon drippings or olive oil if you run out of bacon grease.

For the homemade honey butter (which I plan on making ALL the time now)
Let about 2 tablespoons of butter come to room temperature. Mash together with about 1/2 tablespoon honey, and a dash of salt (if you're using unsalted butter). Try not to eat it all at once.

For the bread: HA! Did you really think I'd make a whole loaf of bread from scratch just for dinner? Well, ok, I would, but I didn't last night. Thank you, Kroger.

It's only Wednesday? Really?

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Grace said...

yummmmo! that salad sounds amazing. i also made a fab salad this week (for these castlewood muffs and an o-ffiliate)... too bad i can't post pics into blog comments. ha ha.