Friday, June 26, 2009

A Day in the Life

6:58 am: I hear Dave's alarm. I think, "I should get up too; Lindsey said she's leaving her house at 7 a.m." Roll over, go back to sleep.
7:00: I hear my alarm. I think, "I should get up; Lindsey's leaving her house at 7 a.m." Roll over.
7:02: Text from Lindsey: "I'll be there in 35 minutes." Force myself out of bed.
7:08: Go ahead and put on my running clothes; would hate for Lindsey to see me in the 1990 Georgia Tech Homecoming t-shirt I ordinarily sleep in.
7:10: Coffee is going, counting out the number of Frosted Mini Wheat bales (25) I would eat for breakfast.
7:15: Cereal down, coffee in process. Tear up watching the coverage of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.
7:35: Pack Dave's lunch and send him off to work. I'm a good wife.
7:40: Lindsey arrives. We realize that (a) we haven't been running much and (b) there is a big 10K coming up and (c) the Peachtree Race magazine we both got last week reminded us that we should be running 25 miles a week in preparation for the July 4 run. Ha! Got a good laugh out of that one.
8:02: Arrive at Kennesaw Mountain for "long" run.
8:17: My route got de-railed. There's a big hole in Kennesaw Avenue right now. Detour, and get confused about how far we've gone, as neither of us wore a watch today. Go us.
9:00: We make it back to the car, looking like we've run 10 miles but really only did about 5. Stretch, drink water, hop in car.
9:15: I make strawberry, yogurt, honey & granola snacks for us. Must replace lost calories.
9:20: We jump in the pool. Feels like bathwater, but there are no kids around. It's quiet, and peaceful. Refreshing.
11:20: I decided I was hungry (surprise, surprise), so trek back to the house for lunch. Made the LBDelicious Summer Sandwich Special: honey wheat bread, light spread of mayo, avocado slices, hummus, ham, turkey, and spinach with a Diet Coke. Mmmm.
11:30: Daily Show & Colbert Report. God bless you, DVR.
12:05 pm: Can't take any more Giada; she made ravioli with wonton wrappers AGAIN. We talk about how nasty they turn out that way. Come on, G. Oh well. Back to the pool.
1:00: Can't be sure, but I think this is when I started to sunburn.
2:45: Lindsey leaves. I feel validated having someone else be lazy with me all day.
3:00: Shower. Totally necessary.
3:15: Review the wedding pictures my mom and kick-ass photographer, Danielle, took of our wedding. Also decide it's snack time: angel food cake drizzled/smeared with Nutella.
4:15: Husband calls; on his way home from work, early!
4:17: Get on Facebook and hide the status updates of a few hundred people. Felt liberated.
4:35: Decide I should probably dry my hair and try to look somewhat presentable for husband. Also figure it would not be a bad idea to wash dishes, take out trash, and tidy up. See? Good wife.
5:15: Hubby is home! Catch up on our days. I continue to file my Big Girl Papers, like benefit and insurance stuff.
6:30: Try a new sushi restaurant, Sushi Zen, in Marietta. Delish. Gorged myself on edamame, a salad, a spicy tuna roll and philadelphia roll.
7:25: Walk to the Kroger next door for random groceries.
8:00: Chloe gets outside time; Dave gets a beer, I make a sweet tea vodka cocktail and we enjoy the evening outside, watching Chloe chase things.
9:00: Kitchen time. on a mission to make something important. Will blog about it later. Dave plays World of Warcraft.
9:35: Clean up the kitchen time.
10:00: Computer time, or as we say in our house, "nerdin' time." Really tired from the events of the day, oddly.
10:50: Time for bed.
day's highlight: not working on anything school related.

I love summer.


Beth Kane said...

I. Am. So. Jealous.

(Good for you!)

Jessy said...

What a great day! I like your time line little thing you did there.