Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mac & Cheese Night

Team Dawmilam is probably going to have Kraft macaroni and cheese tonight for dinner, unless Dave has a better idea when he gets home (and I'd put money on the fact that he won't). It takes 8 minutes to prepare and about 5 to eat. I jazz it up by adding cracked black pepper and shredded cheddar. Trust me: it makes it amazing.

My journey with macaroni and cheese is long. It's one of my all time favorite foods. I used to be an exclusively Velveeta Shells & Cheese girl. My mom had to stockpile the stuff because it's all I would eat. (I plan on being a much meaner mother in the highly unlikely event that Team Dawmilam someday spawns a child.)

Momma Charlie makes a mean macaroni and cheese from scratch. I will get her recipe someday, and perhaps recreate it. Her mac and cheese is slightly different than any other I've eaten: the cheese sauce makes kind of like a thin coating over the starchy macaroni noodles, and it's very sticky. I'm 99% sure she also uses Velveeta in her recipe.

Karen and I discovered EasyMac while we lived in the dorms and our best option for food was anything that required adding water and heating in the microwave. The thought of that, and Bowl Appetit!, make me slightly nauseous today. But, for about 4 years, it was all we ate, along with Pop Tarts and an occasional sandwich from the student center.

After a short term hiatus from mac and cheese (instigated mostly due to the abnormal quantities of EasyMac I consumed in college), I discovered pure, simple, Kraft macaroni and cheese. Something about that orange, powdery "cheese" that forms a "sauce" when added with milk and butter makes me happy. It is the macaroni product of choice in my kitchen.

So, this blog is proof that not every night is LBDelicious, original food. Sometimes, we do resort to pre-packaged, over-processed, convenience foods, and we enjoy every bite.

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Grace said...

good! cause it makes us non-chef types feel okay in the kitchen :)