Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Summer Reading

Here is an interesting article about food, recipes, cooking, and overall fear in the kitchen.

For a good laugh, read the comments. Someone on the first page agrees with my post right underneath here about Food Network ruining our cooking philosophies, though they hate on Rachael Ray which is not cool with me. I don't have the time or money to spend every day in the kitchen for hours, even when I'm on summer vacation, so feeding my family in under 30 minutes is something I truly appreciate, thank you very much. Some of the "recipe deal breakers" are just insane. Of course, some people would think that I am insane for refusing to cook anything with squid. I know Giada loves squid tentacles, and has been seen on national television eating them, but I just can't bring myself to do it. It'd seem too much like eating a wacky wall walker, those little plastic toys that used to come in cereal boxes and would "crawl" down walls with their suction-cup legs.

If you aren't already reading a newspaper (or two, or three) online every day (even the Athens-Limestone News Courier has a website; no excuse for not keeping up with the exciting local news that goes on back home) and political action blogs (BitchPhD is my favorite), make it a habit this summer. It's a great time-waster for when you're, like, trying to write a dissertation proposal. And, you actually learn things if you read newspapers and blogs and the like online. Throw into the mix some sites for fun, like The Superficial and Lostpedia and, of course, LOLCats, and you've got yourself some nice summer reading, all online.

Now. Time to prepare a grocery list. I am out of coffee and milk, so I must visit the local Kroger today.

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