Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Welcome to My New Blog Home!

My freshman year of college, I was a piece of work. Here I was, a naive, homely looking, unfashionable girl who wore really baggy t-shirts, high waisted jeans, big glasses, and, most infamously, sported a horrible set of bangs atop long, wild, bushy, unhighlighted hair. I was quiet. I never spoke up. Ever. I don't even think I had real opinions. I was quite the tragic story. I wore my style and personality inadequacies like a badge, proud to non-conform. It didn't take too long, though, to realize that I wasn't just non-conforming by sticking to what I thought was an acceptable look or performance - I was only perpetuating the unhealthy self-image I had by not branching out and trying to look remotely good. Enter Mica Smith dragging me to Jason Glass at the Rage Studio of Hair Design, Allison, Denise and KiKi taking me to Dillard's, and a set of plastic eyeglass frames that somehow became my signature. I needed a makeover to help me out of my shell, and I thank God I was surrounded by people who loved me for who I was, but wanted to help me be the best person I could be.

Not that I'm that much more fashionable or attractive these days, but at least I got rid of the bangs. And high waisted jeans. Oh, and I have opinions and voice them. Mega important to feeling good about onesself.

The moral of this story: no matter what you've got on the inside, everyone needs a makeover sometimes. Even blogs.

Everyone's favorite food blog, LBDelicious.com, is moving here. LBDelicious will soon become, instead, my own personal home page. I feel as if I need one, seeing as how I'm going to be, like, getting a job in the next couple of years, and will need a place to host teaching materials, a vita, and just other random stuff like cool links and pictures of me and my homies, out doing fun things like playing Scrabble and running 5Ks. But what really's prompting this change: the food blog needs to be more visually appealing. It needs a makeover.

It's just not food porn if I can't show you pictures of what I create, or eat, and that's what I'm going for. Food porn. Admit it. You know you love it too. It's what keep Food Network on the air. While LBDelicious has up til now been a site of food that I love, the new and improved LBDelicious will be home to, well, all things LBD. I plan on extending my blog to include restaurant reviews in addition to my amateur attempts in the kitchen. Only, the blog will be here, at lbdelicous.blogspot.com, instead of just lbdelicious.com. Don't worry. It'll be the numero uno link on my site. Another good reason for moving my blog - this will make commenting easier. And I'm all about the conversation, really. Wasn't it James Carey who said that life is just a conversation - when we are born, we enter it, and when we die, it carries on? Or something like that. Sorry, J.W., I can't cite everything you wrote. Though I wish I could.

Anyway, I feel as if LBDelicious is more of a way of life, rather than just food I like. LBDelicious is about embracing your inner nerd. Laughing without abandon. Television, music, movies, and websites. Spending time with friends. Traveling. Learning. Eating. Teaching others. See - a way of life. So that's where LBDelicious is going. The blog is only going here. Please keep visiting. The transition will happen as soon as I need another reason to procrastinate.

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